I remember recently, while scrolling on Social Media, God started to talk to me (yea He does that).


“Miranda, are you happy?”

“Yeah! I’m pretty happy!”

“Is there anything you want a lot?”

“Yeah…of course.”

“Do you believe I’m good?”

“Of course, God, of course.”

“Do you believe I love you?”

“Well, no brainer. Yes, you’ve proved it again and again.”

“Do you believe I want to give you the desires of your heart?”

“Sure, the bible does say that.”

“Do you really believe I am going to give you that thing you want, or are you struggling with that?”

“I’m mayyyyyy be struggling…”


Does this sound familiar to you? There comes this point where we know truths about God but then it clashes with what our heart is believing. This year has not been completely easy, I’m not going to lie. There are desires in my heart that aren’t yet fulfilled and I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this. So where do we go from here? Where do you go when your heart is sad and doubting but your mind knows the truth of who God is?

I love the verse 1 Corinthians 2:16, “… but we have the mind of Christ.” How amazing is that? The bible itself says that we have the mind of Christ! So these last few weeks of 2018, when trying to reconcile this separation between what my mind is knowing and what my heart is believing, God brought me to this verse and reminded me that through the Holy Spirit, I have complete access to the mind of Christ. I have complete access to knowing, and now it is my job to take that to my heart and say, “HEY! We KNOW this! What are you doing believing something less than?” This causes me to put a bit more weight on what my mind knows and use that as the measuring stick to get my heart in line. I know from first hand experience this isn’t easy, at all. It takes A LOT to line your heart up with what your mind intellectually knows.

My best advice I can give is this - remember.
Yep, just one word - remember.

What has God done for you in the past? Where have you seen Him come through in an unbelievable way? Where have you maybe written off the blessings of God as ‘chance’? Where are there moments you may need to revisit when God was there but you didn’t acknowledge it or really see it? I encourage you to sit down this week, before 2019 starts, and write down testimonies. It talks in Revelations 19 about how important testimonies are, and how they spark the testimonies to come. The spirit of prophecy is in the testimonies Jesus provides, so DECLARE those testimonies. Praise God for what He’s done, thank Him for His past provision and expect His future provision.

I promise you the moment that your heart TRULY aligns with these moments and sits in a position of thankfulness, you will experience breakthrough. When you are in a total state of THANKING Him for what He has done, it is impossible to not have a hope-filled perspective. Then you go from just knowing He is good to remembering He is good to expecting He will be good.

So start 2019 strong, friend. Start it with a hope-filled perspective that your breakthrough is coming, that your desires will be fulfilled, and that this year is YOUR year. I fully expect at this time next year we will have COUNTLESS testimonies of what He has done in our lives. I want to go through this year seeing Him everywhere and expecting to continue to see Him move in powerful ways in my life and the lives of those around me.

With Encouragement,