Is anyone else feeling like this is the BIGGEST season of stress so far? I feel like everything in my life is happening at once, and the ability to get easily overwhelmed hit me like a freight train when it was almost midnight and I was eating pizza rolls. In times where SO many things are happening – everything from looming deadlines to doctors appointments that need to be made – it becomes second nature to drown in the overwhelming-ness of what is happening.

This week, I committed to reading a book by Rachel Hollis called, ‘Girl, Wash Your Face.’ This motivational and inspirational book will leave you feeling confident and prepared to set the next goal, take on the next load of laundry, or step into your dreams and destiny. As motivational as this is, and as much as I recommend reading this book, I quickly realized a book can’t fix my stressed-out mind when on Tuesday night, I had a breakdown. That’s when God stepped in:

“This means you’re doing something significant.”

“Wait, what? I feel like I’m drowning.”

“Feelings don’t always equal truth.”

“But God, have you seen my to-do list? Its FIVE miles long.”

“You are doing something significant, and I’ve put these amazing opportunities in front of you because I trust you to handle it – I believe in you.


He believes in me. I’m writing and releasing a book because He believes in me. I’m sharing my experiences and thoughts with the world because He trusts I can handle it. I’m taking on new roles at work, adding on additional side jobs, standing up in weddings – because He believes in me. I am capable of doing this. I am capable of walking through this next season with my head held high, gracefully, with poise and with clarity because I am a daughter whose Daddy is holding her hand and saying He believes in her.

So in the midst of your ever-growing to-do list, your growing family, your growing business, and your growing schedule – remember, growth is from God and even though it feels overwhelming and incapable of being finished, you are capable.


Things to Remember:
*Post-it note ’em, declare ’em, blow ’em up on your wall, put ’em in your phone, etc*

ONE – You’re not alone.

TWO – He made you for this.


FOUR – YOU ARE CAPABLE (this is worth saying twice)

FIVE – You are worth it.


With Encouragement,