Let me give you a little insight into my journey of this blog. I have dabbled in writing and blogging for a few years now, but nothing stuck for a long time. I was writing a lot, but I wasn’t feeling the ever-passionate desire to share it, and even when I did, I never was confident enough in the outcomes. Sound familiar?

This last year was my season of figuring out my “why”. Your “why” is what motivates you, it’s your passion, it’s what helps you make decisions when you’re faced with a lot of good choices, it’s the foundation behind “what” you are doing. My “why” is to help people cultivate healthiness in their life through encouragement, and reaffirming their identity. This is “beloved”. This is why I write, why I letter, why I put effort into this platform – all to encourage you. Once i had my why, the fears and discouragement about the outcomes disappeared – isn’t that crazy? In its place, I had motivation and desire to be consistent and encourage absolutely as many people as I could. I am by far not where I want to be yet, but I know where I’m headed because I know who I am and what my “why” is.

Same goes for you, friend. I want to be honest with where I’ve been and where I am, so that you can know you’re not alone in walking through this journey. You are more than you may think you are, because the One who created you, created you for more. The possibilities on your life are great because He created you for greatness. The outcomes available for you are splendid because He created you for splendor. You are His beloved, and this relationship with your Papa can drive all else. He will speak to you your passions, He will give you the desires of your heart, all you have to do is live your life out of your God-given identity.

So what is your “why”?  To get the wheels turning, I generally begin by asking people this question: “what breaks your heart?” Essentially, what motivates you? What sparks something inside of you that urges you to move to action? What burns so deep inside that you want to get out? The “what” is great, in fact, it is necessary. If you have a “why” without “what”, there is no action. However, if you live from the “what”, your life may have a lot of great outcomes, but why did you do it all? What overall did you accomplish? What ultimate goal and purpose were you working for?

Remember that God doesn’t do anything on accident, and He always, always works everything together for good. He uses it all. He may not have caused the hurtful relationship in your past, but you better believe that there is somebody in this world that needs to hear your story, someone that needs to see that you’ve gotten through it, and that they can too. God uses it all. Begin processing through what your “why” may be. There are so many good resources out there to help you walk through on a deeper level what this may be, but simply start by writing down what passions you have, what things you enjoy doing, what conversations you love having, what circumstances your heart breaks for, and more. By looking at what specific experiences you have gone through and what special insights God has given you to use to help others, you can start to really figure out what your foundational “why” is.

Once you have your “why”, then you can explore the “what”. Most likely, you’ll have a lot of options, and hopefully a lot of large (and scary) goals to work towards! Just be encouraged that someone needs this – someone needs you. Someone will find life, truth, identity, and encouragement from what you have to say. Everyone will do this a little differently, so don’t compare, because your unique approach and experience will bring something to the table that this person hasn’t heard before, or really needed in that moment.

My best advice? DON’T LET FEAR GET IN THE WAY. Fear creatives distance and cultivates disaster. Fear takes something God put in your heart, lies to you, and tells you that you’re not good enough, and that you can’t do it. Kick that right in the butt, beloved, because you ARE made for greatness – not to live in fear, but to create, inspire, and live out of your God-given identity. He tells you that you are more, you are worthy, and you are enough — so let’s listen to Him, not fear.

You are special, and you are needed. This can be a scary process, so find people to walk through it with you. People who know you and can believe for your future with you – because great things are coming for you, I just know it.

With Encouragement,