You know that feeling you get when you’re about to do something you’ve never done before, and you get … terrified? Yup. That’s me.

Okay, I am exaggerating a little bit, but for real y’all, trying new things is hard. I have watched friends around me this last year have kids, start businesses, take risks in their relationships, launch careers, and so much more, and one thing I have noticed is the UNEARTHLY amount of insecurity that comes with it – for all of us! This is an area that I thought I was totally alone in, and I have recently been opened up to the realization that it’s not uncommon. My fears aren’t uncommon. My insecurities aren’t uncommon. My justifications for quitting aren’t uncommon. My second-guessing isn’t uncommon. My made-up-completely-terrible-possibilities-that-could-happen aren’t uncommon. Someone else is experiencing this too.

So this is a problem I’ve struggled with for a while, and as I was laying in bed last night, I began to realize that I am not excited about this next season in my life. Why? Because I am doing like 5 new things I have NEVER done before. I mean, I am kind of excited, but also terrified – feel me? So I stopped and was like … “Yeah, anxiety, this is not okay. You can’t be here like this. I have stuff to do.” Not literally, but you get it.

Have you ever felt that? As fun as it is to joke about it, there has to be a solution. For some endeavors, it may be fear of failure. What if I don’t sell enough product? What if I don’t get enough clients? What if I don’t make enough money? What if all my effort is wasted? For others, it may be fear of vulnerability, or fear of being judged. It could be all of the above and more – but whatever it is for you, it’s not fair. There has to be a way to get it all to chill out, because we deserve to be excited about new things coming, not nervous that they won’t turn out.

So I will give to you the same advice that my husband originally gave to me, and that now I give to myself every day. It is pretty perspective-changing…you ready?

Someone needs this. 

Okay that doesn’t seem profound, and it won’t necessarily fix all your problems or take away all your fears this second, but just think about it. There is a reason that you took this risk, a reason that you jumped of the diving board and into the pool. For me and my upcoming book launch, I wanted to help someone. I had an amazing breakthrough in my life, and I want to help other people experience that too. And despite all the fear, this phrase changed my perspective – “someone needs this.”

Someone needs your product. Someone needs your service. Someone needs your book. Someone needs your business. Someone needs your time. Someone needs your words. Someone needs your actions. Someone needs your investment. Someone needs your faith.

Somebody out there is going to benefit from this, and in turn, you are. So, I can’t give you all the answers, or the magic formula that will take away all your fear, but I can encourage you to start here. I have decided to tell myself this every single day. Every day when I experience fear around this launch, every day when I experience frustration and feeling like I want to quit, I just repeat, “someone needs this.” If my faith, instead of my fear, can help one person, I want to follow through. If my investment and commitment to this thing can change someone’s life, I need to follow through.

The world needs you to follow through. The world needs you to be the most committed, invested, encouraging, faith-filled you that you can be. Someone needs this. So don’t quit.

With Encouragement,