Lately I’ve been simply resting in this love of God, letting it sink deep into the broken places I’ve kept hidden for so long. One of my favorite songs recently has been “Pieces” by Amanda Cook (Bethel Music). This song is filled with so much truth, and by simply letting it soak into all my dark corners, I have been flooded with revelation and encouragement from my Father. The truth is, His love isn’t broken, it isn’t insecure, it doesn’t run away, it never leaves, and it never hurts. It runs towards, it chooses me daily, it absolutely covers all, and it surpasses all my expectations of what perfect love feels like. It sinks deep into those hidden places and it fills them up with simple words that says “you are enough.” He repeats, “you are enough.”

Right now, each of us have rooms in our hearts that we are fearful of opening up. There are all the little nooks and various crevices that we feel need to stay in the dark, where cobwebs form and shadows lurk. There are maybe past situations that you haven’t fully processed through and dealt with, or there may be past hurts that you choose to keep hidden instead of letting them out into the open. The reality about these dark places is that if we choose to keep them dark, light can’t shine through. So how do we get rid of that fear? How do we step past all those anxieties and insecurities and let truth invade? Fear creates distance, creating a wedge – but love creates connection. 1 John 4:18 gives a little insight into this transfer. Here, it says “…perfect love casts out fear,” and that perfect love comes straight from the Father.

The world may tell you a standard you have to meet, or you may have people in your life that constantly repeat what you are not, but the truth comes from the Father – and our identity was formed and created by Him. Let this love invade your heart and your hurts today. Let Him in and allow Him to speak truth in those moments where moving forward seems impossible or hiding seems easier than dealing with these hidden rooms. Why? Because His love is perfect – and no matter what is happening, He is proud to be seen with you and desires to help you realize who you really are. So choose this love; choose this perfect connection; and don’t let fear drive a wedge between you and your Papa.

“Your love’s not broken,
It’s not insecure,
Your love’s not selfish,
Your love is pure.”

With Encouragement,