So this post is a bit different than the ones I generally do, but I felt it was a really important encouragement to share with you – and that’s what this blog is all about, right?

I was chatting with my friend, Rachel, earlier this week, about “side-hustles.” She herself has a side hustle, and after posting something on Instagram regarding the benefits of a money-making opportunity on the side, it fired me up. I am simply a soon-to-be 24 year old who is trying to figure out this money thing – possibly like many of you. My husband and I have debt, and although we both have amazing jobs that make us some money, we rely on some side hustles to get us through the month. When I realized this was a reality, I was ashamed – to be honest. I was pretty young when we got married and realizing that we needed another income wasn’t the greatest feeling in the world. And when I looked out at the options, including MLM’s, I felt like nothing was great and everything was looked down upon. Sound familiar?

Jeffrey and I have since found some balance with our finances because we committed to hustlin’ some money on the side, but the general feeling of wanting to hide that hadn’t really gone away, until recently. I have been listening and asking questions to people around me that I know have money, are smart with money, and have tips to how to grow your finances and get out of debt, and do you want to know the MAIN thing I have heard from all these different groups of people?


Well, I mean, I actually heard a lot of “be sure to secure multiple streams of income”, and advice like that – but I mean, c’mon, I was blown away! The wealthiest people in the world have multiple streams of income, meaning, they don’t simply have a paycheck from their day job, but from their night job, their afternoon job, their during nap-time job, their hobby, and they’ve found great ways to make “passive income” (google it, its a great goal). But I have looked around lately and seen so much criticism of this idea of side hustles. I have seen even more criticism when it comes to MLM’s, online businesses, or selling products through social media. As much as I can see from others’ point of view their frustration with these methods – I don’t agree. You make your future happen. You make your financial freedom happen (so ignore the haters and move on to this next part).

So I share all that with you to encourage you. God has put a dream, a gift, or a desire in your heart that the world needs. Maybe you have an amazing gift at connecting with people. Maybe you have a story that will reach others hearts and needs to be out there somehow. Maybe you have a heart towards fitness, or healthy living, or stay and home mommas with babies, or working mommas with kids in daycare, or whatever it is. Maybe you seriously love watching people’s lives changed as they find products that help them solve a problem they haven’t been able to ever. Whatever it is, GO FOR IT! You are unique and something in you has the ability to bring value to the world, so find your tribe and run with them.

So whether its a book, a business, a cooking show, a youtube channel, or yes, even an MLM (they are BUSINESSES too), go for it. Give yourself permission to chase after what’s in your heart. Give yourself permission to get out there and help provide what your family needs, in whatever way that looks like.

With Encouragement,


My friend Rachel is a WEALTH of information and encouragement. I have asked her if she wanted to answer some questions on her side hustles – and she has a few! I hope these help encourage you to grow confidently in whatever opportunity it is that God has put in front of you.

What side hustles do you currently have?

Currently I’m a market partner for an amazing hair care company, I sell artwork occasionally, and soon my husband and I will own a rental property and be landlords.

What general disposition did you have toward side hustles, in the past?

I previously thought starting a side hustle was an act of desperation. I had this preconceived notion that everyone actively trying to make money was struggling. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The people I know that have at least one side hustle are generally wealthier than those that don’t. 

The kind of people that have the ambition to work their way to the top of their 9-5 are few and far between. And there aren’t always many positions available, especially without many years of schooling (which we all know equals many more years of paying off debt). Most side hustles cost very little to start up and have the ability to grow much faster than you can climb that corporate ladder. 

What encouragement would you give to those now that are seeking out a new side hustle?

Don’t let the doubt and fear of not being successful stop you from trying. You can find a million reasons not to do something. Find the one reason TO do it and cling hard. You’ll need to revisit it when things don’t go as planned. 

What encouragement would you give to those who are looking to grow their current side hustle?

Be GENUINE. People don’t want to buy anything from somebody who is only in it to further their own agenda. If you sell products, only talk to people who could genuinely use them. If you’re trying to grow a team, only reach out to those that have shown interest in joining you. Don’t be pushy, no one likes that. Being genuine allows your business to grow by gaining the trust of your clients and those that work with you. 

Anything else you want to share?

Whether you’re looking for a side hustle, have one already, or think the hustling life isn’t for you, I encourage you to always keep your eyes peeled for opportunities. And when one comes around, always be willing to bet on yourself. You are far more capable than you think!

~Rachel Bell