What do you do if your past isn’t pretty?

In this world of social media, instagram perfection, fake candids, and carefully sculpted hair & makeup, we all feel the pressure daily to “pull ourselves together”. This highlight-reel world is hard to keep up with when we are living each day in our full, unedited, unscripted movie. Especially in church culture, we feel “called” to be perfect, even when every other church sign quotes that we are welcome “as we are.” Well then why don’t we feel like it? When we walk through that door, why do we feel like the need to fake the smile and cover up? Why do our real-life moments not feel as accepted as our filtered photos?

Thankfully the principles of Jesus aren’t the same as the principles of the world. So I return to my original question — what do you do if your past isn’t pretty? I am so thankful the kingdom doesn’t disqualify you because of a moment. The kingdom doesn’t disqualify you because of a season. There’s no mistake, bad choice, lie, fight, or ended marriage that can take away the love that He has for you. God doesn’t look at you and see what happened, He looks at you and sees Jesus.

I’m not going to lie, my past is one of my biggest holdbacks I have when pursuing this passion of mine. When God put this dream on my heart, and started placing opportunities and people around me that verified and encouraged it, my initial thoughts were “what? me? wait… nope. i’m not qualified..have you seen my re-runs?” But God had other plans. The enemy had plans to destroy, but God had plans to prosper. The enemy had plans to remind me of my past, but God had plans to encourage me toward my future. And not only do none of those moments disqualify you, but He uses it all. It says in Romans 8 that God works all things together for good – and I fully believe that means He uses it all. He uses your mistakes, your bad seasons, your fights, your ended marriage, all your experiences. He takes every moment and has a purpose to utilize it.

So be encouraged, friend. All your moments matter, and as your on this journey to pursuing Him and all that He has for you, don’t be discouraged or held back by lies of the enemy that say you are “less than” and “not enough”. Because the One who created you calls you enough. The One who knitted you tells you “you are more”.

With Encouragement,