Take a second and think of a close friend or family member that you 100% know loves you. Maybe it’s your spouse…your grandma…your mom…anyone. The kind of relationship that you know clearly demonstrates unconditional love to the best of its ability. The kind of person you know you can run to no matter where you are at, what you have done, or what you need advice on – they are always there to listen, forgive, coach, speak, and more.

No matter how great this example is, it is not even 1/10 of an example of how, or how much, God loves you.

In so many circumstances, I come across people who live in the mentality that they are “less than”; “less than” that girl on Instagram, “less than” that mom who seems to have it together, “less than” that other Christian who seems to have her life together and her sin under control. Whether this mentality is present because of past lies spoken to them or because of overexposure to our society filled with constant comparison – it is present nonetheless, and it is so dangerous.

Those perceptions of worth are based in how someone sees their identity. They are finding the definition of their identity in things around them – people, circumstances, careers, relationships, etc. – when in reality, their identity is absolutely NOT based in that at all. The conclusion that our identity is found in those around us is a dangerous conclusion. You see, all of our actions and decisions are based out of who we believe we are, and if we walk around feeling “less than”, our decisions will reflect that. We will approach situations immediately as if we are inferior. We will talk to people as if we are already placed under them. We will communicate to others that we do not have confidence that who believe we are is a stable position, and we will pass on this lowly and negative attitude to others. Of course our life wouldn’t see prosperity and positivity when we aren’t doing anything to communicate or carry that. This dangerous mentality will never lead to Kingdom outcomes.

I am here to tell you that YOU ARE MORE. You are not less than. You have a position via the Kingdom that seats you in Heavenly places. You have a Creator that went everywhere, even unto death, for you. You have an identity that is so far rooted from the things going on around you – but rooted solidly and permanently in your Creator. There is no reason for comparison, negativity, or inferiority to be anything that you carry day-to-day in your disposition.

So next time you visit that loving family member, cherish it, and see it as a reflection of the love of your faithful and loving Father. And the next time that you are sucked into the cycle of comparison, remember your position in Christ – and carry that with you wherever you go.

You. Are. More. – and with that identity lived out, you can accomplish so much more.

Because you are beloved. And that can never be changed.

With Encouragement,