I’ve been seeing so many things lately about seasons of pruning & seasons of growth. I can’t say I think it’s a coincidence that so many people around me are walking through this and sharing their journey. Their words lead me to believe I’m like a plant in a home-grown garden, that I need all the maintenance and care and gentleness to survive, that I need to be sure I’m watered at certain times of my life, be sure I’m fed at certain times, and be sure I’m protected from outside elements (like a foot, or a lawnmower). This visual can be useful, but God told me something different this week.

He told me I was like a cactus. Now, when God says stuff to me, sometimes, it can seem strange. It’s easy for me to tuck it away as my own head making things up – but I know my Papa’s voice, and this Papa told me I was like a cactus, not a plant in a garden.

So I did some research on cacti … did you know that one species can live up to 150 years?! They also get their water from their environment around them, and they store it inside in order to stay alive. Lastly, those spikes keep them safe from something harmful. It’s so cool that God made this creation that can withstand so much and self-maintain so well.

So you wanna know what God said to me?

-My daughter, you are strong. You can last a lot longer in situations than you think you can. Like cacti, you will live an extraordinary amount of time – because I have great plans for you.

-My daughter, use your environment. I have placed people and things around you to give you life, to encourage you, and to remind you of the things I have called you to. I have put those people and those resources there for you, so use them. I have created you for greatness, don’t shy away. I’m here too, don’t forget that. Like cacti, your life-source and sustenance can be found right where you are.

-My daughter, you are protected. I have placed a shield around you in order that you may have life, and life to the fullest. Like those spikes do for each cactus, I will ward off any opposition and preserve you for the life that I intend for you. Miranda, you are mine and I will protect you.

These are just a few nuggets He said, but they are ohhh so amazing. Maybe for you, it’s not a cactus. Maybe Gods calling you a butterfly, or a tractor, or a house. All I know is this week, He spoke to me in such a personal way that hit home. It took a little digging on my part, and some recognition that it was Him, but the result was encouragement and a cool hug from my Papa to remind me that He’s not done with me yet.

And He’s not done with you yet, either.

With encouragement,