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Dear Friend,

 How do we stop the unhealthy cycles? How do we bring Heavenly perspective for relationships here to earth? How do we step out of where we currently are and into the more that God has for us? How do we even begin to believe there is more available for us in our lives? How do we really overcome the lies that we have been told and uncover our true identity?

I believe that Christ intended greatness and wholeness for you, redemption and restoration. I believe these intentions go further than the cross; they apply to your life here on earth as well. I’m not sure why you’re here, but I can guess there is a small part of you inside that says, “There is more,” and you want to figure out where it is coming from.  

Be You Beloved is a book that partners with you as you explore all that God has for you. It walks through identifying and moving past the lies that you have been told in the past, the names that you have been branded with, the outcomes that you have been boxed into - and it takes you to a place with God where you let Him fill those spaces with truth. Once you are rooted in truth, you will begin to learn how to walk out your newly-discovered identity in each are of your life.

I am excited for the journey this book will take you on. My dream is for this book to help you re-learn how to be you, by re-discovering who He says you are.

With encouragement,