BYB LAUNCH : JUNE 18, 2019


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What is be you, beloved about?

 At some point in our lives we all feel the unexplainable need to search for more; more in our identity, more in our relationships, more in our jobs - just more. Often, when we don’t know who we were made to be, unhealthy cycles manifest in our everyday lives and we end up in a place knowing we need something different. 

Be You, Beloved partners with readers as they explore and identify how to move through current and past struggles to access the life God desires His beloved children to live. Miranda shares vulnerable stories, proven advice, and all-to-real moments that takes readers on a journey that will change their life. 

Consider these pages a guide to overcoming the lies, struggles, and heartbreaks of life using the truth of God’s word. Christ desires wholeness, restoration, and greatness for us, and in the time spent here, readers will relearn and rediscover the person that God created them to be.

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